The Secret & Intentions

I was probably one of the first people in New Zealand to purchase and watch 'The Secret'. Noone in NZ, Australia or Papua New Guinea were able to purchase it when it was released because of some sort of contractual agreements set in place, so I had to get a friend in England to buy it for me and send it to me. I had been studying various universal laws and reading as much as possible for about 2 years before Rhonda Byrne (creator of the secret movie) had even discovered it for herself from the book, The Science of Getting Rich. This is the book that inspired the movie.

One of the most awesome pieces of literature I have read on the subject of life, reasons for being here, evolution, universal mind, subconscious mind is a book called "The Edinburgh Lectures of Mental Science" written by Thomas Troward. It was a lecture given to students of mental science way back in 1909. Absolutely amazing. I have read many books on the subject, Tony Robbins even mentions the secret in his audios, Personal Power CD5 on goal setting, when he talks about the woman winning the lottery.

Before the secret phenomena even began, I had written to a NZ based production company called South Pacific Studios. I wanted to make a film very very similar to the secret, unfortunately, although they had meetings about it with management (so they told me), they didn't think it to be very viable and did not think people would be interested in the subject. After the success of the secret I'll bet they're kicking themselves because I know I was for a while! If you haven't already seen the secret, I recommend it. Part two should be released soon and apparently it's all about how to attract money. I'd also recommend and to sign up for the notes from the universe.

One thing I've learnt and live by nowadays is that when you have a desire to achieve something, to attain something and you get an idea... you must act on it straight away. Keep going until you get there, you might have to adjust your sails but if you keep going in the direction of your dream, you will get there. As long as its in the direction of your dream, thats fine.

So as already stated, our intention is to become millionaires as soon as possible, and enjoy the journey towards building wealth for ourselves and our families. I've joined Robert Allen's and I'm looking forward to the challenge and the training. A couple of weeks ago I purchased a business off a website called but after only three days of writing about a subject I thought I knew alot of....I had writers block. My topic was the law of attraction. So much to write about. And I thought if I was going to write about using the law of attraction to achieve success and wealth, then I'd better get started at building success and wealth for myself first. A bit of credibility never goes astray. Anyway, I'll talk much more about the secret in coming posts.

Ideas, thoughts & talks

Well it's been an interesting couple of days. Had a few business ideas, most of them online because my goal of glorious wealth and glorious health obviously means gaining complete control over my time. Working from the internet and being based at home means I do gain complete control over my time. The idea of course, to make a ton of money in exchange for quality, helpful value and services. What that is at this stage I have no idea. I know that in order to make the amount of money anyone chooses to make, there is no need to drive sharp bargains or rip people off. I'm going to accomplish this the creative way rather than the competitive way.

I've just been approved by a government organisation to go ahead with a newspaper idea I had a while ago. I've been given a mentor (local businessman/accountant) to assist me in the creation of this wonderful project, which will give huge value to people. Not going to say anymore about this, you'll have to wait. I've sent off a interactive game idea I had years ago to Japan. Not sure what will come of it but who knows. Brilliant game idea, I spoke to a wide range of people about this game at the time I was developing the concept/plan. People like Kevin Roberts (Saatchi & Saatchi), Sidhe Interactive, Electronic Arts General Manager NZ and many others and they all said in a nutshell "unique, nz edge, hip, 90 % more viable than any other game they'd heard of". So....

Anyway, I've been reading about internet marketing, joining mailing lists of various people selling their products online to see how they do it, read about auto responders (all of these although profitable, seem 'cold' and in it just for the dinero. I guess it's kind of ok, I mean yes it's great they're making money but there must be some way of making it a bit more personal and generally nicer, in some way. A possible business opportunity?? Yes, I think so.

I declared to my multi millionaire boss the other day that I had set the intention to become a millionaire in the near future. As fast as possible whilst having fun and doing what I enjoy. I added that the reason why was to gain control over my time. He liked that idea and I think was quite impressed that I had declared it. I can't back down now. I've learnt that in order to achieve wha you want in life, you have to surround yourself with people that are living the dream, or have the things, do the things that you yourself desire. He told me that everyday, for everyone, there is presented an opportunity. You just have to be aware and on the lookout. Good sound advice.

I'll end this post with a quote I absolutely love and have begun to incorporate into my life. "Do not wait for a definite plan, through which you intend to exchange services or merchandise in return for the money you are visualizing, but begin at once to see yourself in possession of the money, demanding and expecting meanwhile, that your subconscious mind will hand over the plan, or plans you need". What that means is when you are seeking to manifest money, or a home or anything you wish, DO NOT worry if you're unsure of what action you need to take. Begin straight away to channel your thoughts towards what you're trying to atract and the answer you seek - the action you need to take, will come to you. Basically, do everything you can, with your knowledge - towards that which you seek and inwardly desire, whilst enjoying life. A calm and relaxed manner. Be exceptional in everything you undertake.

The Goal

Ok, as you've discovered, this blog is all about two people and our journey towards wealth and mastery of our time. My cousin and myself are the two people I'm referring to. We've decided 'why' this is an important and worthy goal, and believe it possible to achieve. Some important things we have learnt about what it takes to be a success. Please note that everyone has varying thoughts and definitions of what a 'success' is, but basically a successful person is someone that is progressively realizing a worthy ideal. So if you are a High School teacher and that was what you set out to become...then you are a success. Got the picture?

Now let me first tell you...we have collectively got...well, not much really. Of course we have the important things, the priceless things like beautiful families, good jobs, food on the table and a roof over our heads...but by no means are we any where near being millionaires. However, it is our goal to become 'Millionaires'. And our intention is that every person who reads these postings achieves what they want from life.

Ok, what does it take to become a millionaire in the shortest possible amount of time? Belief in yourself and that it is a possible goal to achieve. A specific way of thinking and very specific behaviour, positive and optimistic attitude and mindset, and of course, the ability to ACT. Ability to seek out and act upon opportunities and giving value for money in all that you do, no matter how menial the task.

Collectively, or more specifically my cousin and I, have read many books on 'success', have been around millionaires, watched The Secret and listened to the audios of Tony Robbins, Mike Dooley, John Assaraf and many others. It is time to begin.....

Now we are just two guys working full-time at good jobs. We don't yet own a home, one of us has a car, both 200 kilometres apart. The media in New Zealand print headlines such as "First time home buyers becoming an impossible dream" if we base our expectations on what is going 'out there' we would probably stop right now. We probably wouldn't even try. So...this is what I mean about specific attitudes and beliefs about what is possible. Then you must act from that mindset. We intend to achieve this goal, and by doing so, prove to everyone that you can do the same...thy will be done

All About Success

This blog is about my personal journey to "Gaining Complete Control Over My Time". Ok, so what does that mean? Well, basically what it means is...going from where I am to becoming a millionaire. I will be recording my 'results', and the changes I've had to make in order to become the person who is able to manifest total abundance. Personal Development, Self Help and the topic of 'Success' is HOT right now. Everyone wants freedom and mastery of their time, the freedom to do whatever you want, when you want. To wake up each day and ask yourself and your partner, "What shall we do today?".

And to me, thats what life is about. Sooooo....this site will highlight the changes I've gone through up to this point, behaviourial changes, attitudes and general way of thinking. Very specific ways of thinking precede positive results. Man, I can tell you, I must have had some pretty limiting beliefs because I was in a pretty crap situation...but it just gets better everyday. Rewind 8 years....not a nice place...anyway, the past is exactly that. The past. So lets move on....

What A Great Day

Just created this blog, had a great day with my beautiful family. Life is great. I have writers block now, and after only one lame sentence. I'll be back.